Online and onsite writing instruction for ESL students, struggling writers, and achieving students.

Literature as Revelation

Online and Onsite Homeschooling and Curriculum Design

The Logos Writing Academy offers a new form of instruction for the home schooled student or high school student wanting more from his or her experience. Literature as Revelation is a new curriculum planning model that begins with a conversational assessment of the student’s interests. Together the student and Logos Writing Academy will create specific objectives and a reading list tailored to the student’s interests and needs.  Logos Writing Academy and the student will create, administer, and assess all the lessons together.  Student-centered planning maximizes the potential for student-centered learning.


Literature as Revelation incorporates all of the Academy’s best practices and represents the culmination of the Academy’s instructional philosophy. While aspects of collaboration and individualization are present in each of the Academy’s services, in Literature and Revelation the student truly creates the learning process from the ground up. While we will help guide the student and ensure that the edifice is secure and worthy, the student will draft the design.


Teachers with class sizes of twenty or more are simply unable to meaningfully “differentiate” instruction. Literature as Revelation restores the freedom and autonomy most students need to fully engage. When the assignment is no longer a super-imposed requirement, but a product designed and created by the student, the student’s imagination is liberated and instruction becomes more meaningful and personal.


The cost of this service depends on the location, online or onsite, the frequency of communication, the number of assessments, and the expectations and goals of the student. Please call or email now for an initial free consultation and estimate!